I specialize in nature and landscape photography. I have spent most my summers since I was child in the Canadian high Arctic. As most my pictures reflect, I try capture the raw nature of arctic animals in particular. For the past 13 years, I have spent my summers at our family owned wilderness adventure lodge Arctic Watch in Cunningham Inlet on Somerset Island Nunavut. Somerset Island is home to 2000 very playful beluga whales, polar bears, musk ox, arctic foxes, snowy owls and many other types of birds. The last two springs I have spent in southern Nunavut with the caribou herds and wolf packs! These amazing playgrounds have allowed me to open the door to wildlife photography. 

Every trip I set out on presents itself, with new experiences or challenges - anything from searching for polar bears on the Northwest Passage, following the muskoxen herds, tracking wolves and caribou on the Barrens, and always looking for the untouched and unspoiled environments! When I travel to other corners of the globe, the foreign species and landscapes continue to inspire me to capture their raw beauty. Where there is wilderness, adventure follows! Browse through my porfolio and enjoy!

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